Monday, 7 November 2011

Bongoroots web advert

It's been quite a while now, that I've announced to post some new animated stuff here, so finally here we go.

I was working on an animated web advert for an african restaurant in my town. Because I was working on this project only sometimes besides doing other stuff, it took me about three months of butt-kicking myself now to get it done, spending around 25 working days on it in whole. Still there is some sound design that needs to be done, but I promise to post the finished thing some time this week. Until then here is the storyboard of the project and some stills to keep it exciting :)

The spot is only 30 seconds long but it is basically from the first to the last frame completely animated frame by frame on twos and sometimes even on ones, almost without any holds or loops.

Most likely it even contains more animation than my one and a half minutes long grad film from last year. It also includes some of the most challenging animation bits I have ever worked on, such as a hovering line of chopped vegetable bits with a broccholi guy running on top of them and the camera spinning around the whole thing and following the character.  It was a mess but after all I could handle it and I'm really satisfied with the result.

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