Monday, 14 November 2011

Bongoroots web advert (2)

Ok, I promised to post it last week but I didn't... well here it is finally, the Bongoroots web advert.

Lately, I was lucky to meet the well known german animation director Andreas Hykade (Love And Theft, The Runt, We lived in Grass) and took the chance to show him the spot and get some feedback on it. So I adjusted a few more things and the thing improved quite well.

Bongoroots is an afro-caribbean restaurant and catering service in Tübingen. The spot might run in local TV-channels and cinemas of Tübingen area in a while, but it is mainly produced for web.

If you happen to live around Tübingen/Stuttgart area, please feel free to share the video with your friends. Feel free to share it anyway, of course. And please write comments, I need your feedback! Thanks!


  1. dddduuuuuuuuuude!!!this is fricking awesome!!!
    fantastic job, great design colour and movement. must of been quite a chaw to work out, thou it looks like fun to animate.
    i love that broccoli guy. oh and thanks for you feedback about my animation tests. totally agree with what you said about the box character, i need to rethink its expression and add more body movement. i wasnt 100% about its design before i animated it and that probably shows.
    wats next??

  2. Thanks Frankie! There are a couple of new projects that I've been preparing. I might post some designs for these in a while.