Saturday, 26 June 2010

La Messicole

La Messicole from Hannes on Vimeo.

Yesterday, our films were screened at the show in our studio. I received a lot of good feedback on it and was quite happy about that. I uploaded the final film on my vimeo account, so that also people who can't make it to the public degree show on Monday and Tuesday can see it. To keep the end titles shorter than the film itself, I just wrote few people in there, but there are far more people, that were involved into my work, helped me or inspired me. Special thanks to my coursemates. We were constantly talking about each other's work, helping each other and giving feedback. So thanks to all of you guys! I'm going to miss the great working atmosphere in the studio, sharing food in the lunchbreak, sitting on the walkway in the sun or, in winter, in that white common room downstairs. Having a lazy walk around the block or having a pint after work. I really had a good time here! On Wednesday, I'm going to leave my flat in Bermondsey, from then I will travel England, Wales and Scotland for a while to be back for the Awards Ceremony in July, and then I'm off to Germany again, where I'm going to do something, somewhere, trying to get a bit of money with it ;D Farewell, student life, farewell!

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