Friday, 31 May 2013

New project: The Cigarette Butts (WT)


I'm currently working on a small short film about two cigarette butts and their adventurous journey from the streets in a city to the beach. The design above is a bit outdated, but it's more or less what they look like. 

Now, I've been working on the storyboard and animatic for more than two months on and off, coming to a point where things don't make sense anymore. So I decided to do what my screenwriting lecturors back in uni told me to do, when you got a blockade: kill your darlings. The hard thing, when making a film by yourself is, you put in all the fun stuff that you would have liked to see as a kid, but you're kind of losing the plot. So I stuffed the animatic with a chase scene, pirates, gunfire, rockets, explosions and a lot more crap that the film doesn't really need. I'm posting the deleted pirates scene now, so I won't be tempted to bring it back in again. Besides there is no way I could ever finish this load of animation. I'm working over the animatic from scratch now and I'm confident that the outcome will be better than before, cause that's normally the case when "killing your darlings"... so this is a sample of the film, but it's also what you won't get to see... (I hope it makes sense, it's really rough)

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