Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cartoon of the day

This morning I came into my studio and noticed that I was talking to my plants about how cold it got and so on, so I made this self-ironic cartoon about it. The other one below is from my last visit in London.


  1. thanks for your comment Hannes. shame your couldn't make the screening- bit nerve racking seeing it on the big screen- mistakes stand out a lot more. my films not online just yet. i wanted to make a few changes but unfortunately (but at the same time fortunately) i have been kept busy with freelance work. but soon as i get it up i will let you know- your feedback would be most welcome. however, no CSM film comes close to being as good as yours. i cant count how many times ive watched it.
    thanks again for your comment please keep stopping by my blog

  2. Hey Frankie,

    Good to hear you found work straight away after graduating. There might be some time later, when you still can finish your film. I'll keep checking your blog for sure! Cheers mate!