Wednesday, 17 August 2011

making an animation studio

Hi there,

Lately, I've worked around in my little nice studio. Work? Oh yeah, I mean that kind of work that makes you sweat and so on.

I made a nice yellow curtain. I even used a sewing machine for that (for the first time in my life!) which I borrowed from my flatmate. Look, how pretty it is, when the sun shines through it.

Another studio panorama. Photomerge did something strange to the right side of the room. On the left you see my animation desk.

I built it by myself. Just the circle cut was done by a carpenter.

I bought this animation equipment at toonbase, an animation supply shop in Germany, not so far from where I am. Their ACME standard puncher is cheap, compared to what they usually cost. So I bought one and will use normal paper for animating. There had to be an automatic pencil sharpener in my studio for sure. The other stuff is peg bars, col-erase pencils and a haribo snack, which they put in as a gift. Nice!

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