Tuesday, 8 March 2011

the last few months

What I was up to in the last couple of months, a short update...
Check out my website, that I've just redesigned and filled with a couple of projects.

The new projects include a totally awesome advent calendar that I made for my girlfriend in December, every day one door, before I went to bed. It was by the time when I was working on a couple of adverts for iRobot at Tandem Films. Unfortunately they haven't released the spots yet, that's why I still can't show it in public. You'll find it on my website as soon as they released it. It was a great experience to work with talented people like Peter Baynton, Chris Gavin and Jeroen Jaspaert who are directors at Tandem. I also had the chance to meet Daniel Greaves and Simon Tofield there. I asked Simon to draw a 'Simon's cat' in my sketchbook, which I sticked into Simon's cat books that I gave to my sister and grandma for christmas.

After Tandem I showed up with showreels at many animation studios in London. I ended up hanging out at Uli Meyer studio, where I worked on my own stuff, some projects I'll get started within the next time and got professional advise on it, which was really great. I met a lot of talented and nice people there, including Michael Schlingmann and Uli Meyer himself. Unfortunately, I haven't asked him to sketch something into my sketchbook. But I will, next time.

After working at Uli Meyer I got a request for working on a interactive flash thing in Stuttgart in Febuary at the company Herzog Kommunikation. It was a project for T-Systems and you can also find out about it on my website. That's how I ended up back in Germany again, where I'm still doing stuff at the moment.

There are also some good news to tell about my grad film 'La Messicole'. It was screened at Animac 2011 Catalonian Animation Festival in Febuary. I keep receiving invitations to screen the film on some festivals and events in different countries. Any details on where the film will be shown will follow.

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