Monday, 27 September 2010

In-between stuff

To keep my blog going on, here's some rather sketchy (yes, I like that) design stuff. In-between applying for jobs and doing other jobs I was sketching and concepting around about a "new" project I started in 2008. Supposed to be a graphic novel it now turns out to become something interactive, maybe some kind of motion comic or interactive animation short. This will take a while to get done, because I'm doing it part-time only and I don't get any money from it. Anyway... maybe starting to blog about the project might force me to keep it going :)

Mara, the initial character that I first designed in 2008 and with who's first character design sketches I applied for the CSM course.

Following the rusty rails through the swampy forest. A scene that was inspired by a dream of my brother Robin.


  1. hi Hannes.
    i've just seen your blog and i am so impressed with your work!i really enjoy your use of water colors in your animation as well as your use of space
    it was my first day today at CSM on the character animation course. its great to have an insight-via your blog- into the things we will be learning this year.
    i would be grateful for any advice you could offer me (if you don't mind?)
    good luck

  2. Hey Frankie,
    thanks, glad you like it. Being asked for advices makes me feel like a wise old asian with a long grey beard ^-^ Well,... the only advice I can give you is to keep an eye on the little time you got in the course. Don't spend ages on each frame, first rough all of the animation out, then do more in-betweens until it's moving smooth. Then (if you still got time) you can make it look nice. Enjoy the course!

  3. hey a long grey beard might suit you.
    I will definitely keep that in mind from now on.
    thanks mate