Sunday, 20 June 2010

NG Project: presentation

It's done. Or should I say I'm done... after around six weeks of long days animating, I'm now at the point where I take some distance from my work, because I can't see it anymore. I'm satisfied with what I've made, but it needs some settling down now. I finished the last scene on the very morning of assessment. The rendering was finished at 10 am, I was at around 11 on the assessment schedule. So it was pretty close, or in other words, just in time ;D

I spent my weekend off the computer. There are some bits in the film that still need to be worked on next week. There will be a private presentation on the 25th where all the industry people are coming and a public presentation on the 28th and 29th of June in our studio at 10 Back Hill, London, from around 5-8 pm. It is right here:

Größere Kartenansicht

So this will be the first public screening of this year's works from CSM Character Animation students. If there are any people besides my coursmates and lecturers who follow my blog: feel invited to come and see my work and the fabulous work of my coursemates. (Meine Familie, Verwandte und Freunde aus Deutschland, die leider nicht zur Präsentation kommen können bekommen dann natürlich eine extra Vorführung, sobald ich wieder zu Hause bin!)
I'll also be working on a showreel next week so get back to my blog soon and see a mix of animation works I've done so far.
To keep you excited, here is a short preview, some shots from the chase scene in my film...

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