Thursday, 17 June 2010

NG Project: compositing

Here a short update, some screenshots of the compositing works I'm doing at the moment. I paint rather simple watercolour backgrounds, scan them and arrange the single parts in a 3D space in After Effects, so that when the camera is moving there is a little bit of parallax movement going on. In some scenes this works quite nicely, some others I don't like. If it's too extreme it looks to flat and too much CG. If I had more time I'd try making some natural handheld camera movements but that's too much for now.

The animation is finished since Monday, but the compositing an backgrounds takes quite some time. If you take a look on my nice and colourful schedule, you'll see, that I'm a bit behind schedule and will actually have to finish 6 shots today. Tomorrow at around 11 I'll be assessed. Way to go!

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