Monday, 31 May 2010

NG Project: animation and workflow

Almost all scenes are keyframed now and some are even in-betweened. I'll upload a scene from the chase sequence to show, how the character animation is going to look like. I draw most of the animation right into Flash with a wacom, I don't use any symbols this time, except in some scenes I use the head or face several frames, if it doesn't change position and angle too much.

The problem with the clean-up was, that the smooth and stylised vector lines of Flash didn't seem to fit quite good with my concept of the watercoloured backgrounds. So I turned off the edge smoothing for the brush tool and was quite satified with the result. It gives the drawings a more handdrawn look. Most of the keys have already been cleaned up and now while in-betweening I mess them up a bit again, redrawing the edges without the smoothing. By the end of next week I'm planning to finish the animation.

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