Saturday, 6 March 2010

Week 18... still the Task Project

Here is the whole thing as an animatic. An animatic is just a previsualisation of the final clip. Actually I'm going to work on the scenes that I built for this animatic, just the character animation will be drawn more nicely and colored upon these roughed out keys.
This is actually the first time that I'm using only adobe programs and only vector graphics. Even in After Effects CS4 it is now possible to import .swf files and I can scale them in After Effects without loss of quality by just pushing one small button called 'continuously rasterize'. This makes everything very comfortable and easy. I design backgrounds in Illustrator, because Flash was crashing all the time, as the scenes were getting too big. Now I use Flash just to do the animation of the crab character, all sorted in lots of tiny bits, in order not to challenge the sensitive Flash too much. Then I'll import both the .swf and .ai files into After Effects where I compose everything and add blurs and camera movements and stuff. To preview my whole film, I keep rendering scenes out from After Effects and import them to my editing timeline in Premiere. The good thing by working this way is that changes can easily be made and will automatically be updated in the other programs, just by reloading the changed files.
By the way, last week I was doing a presentation about a short film made in 2009 by a CalArts student called Nelson Boles. It is called "this one time" and has actually inspired me a lot to the style of this animation. You should watch it, it's really nicely done. I like how the handdrawn animation fits with the flash style. Here is it:

This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.

Another nice animation short that inspired me...

Vegeterrible from Henrik Sønniksen on Vimeo.

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