Monday, 1 February 2010

Week 13... two characters acting (I)

Week thirteens character designs for the acting exercise. We had to animate two characters who act together. Part of the exercise was it, to arrange the timing and acting in a way, that the spectator can easily follow the action and watches the right part at the right time. I chose two very cartoony characters. I was quite satisfied with the design of the large guy I drew first, I didn't change his design later on. The second character, in the beginning a fatty small man, turned into a girl with pigtails. (I uploaded also the crappy sketches, to show the progress of my changing ideas about the characters. See the first ones below and the later ones are the upper ones) I called the two characters Tiffany and Gobbler. Don't ask me why. There is also a trashy storyboard below. As you can see, in my first Idea after Tiffany toasted Gobbler with her nasty electro-toy, Gobbler was supposed to kick his shoe into Tif's face, turning it inside. I found this kind of funny, because it was so kind of unexpected. But left it, was too much to animate. I'm still struggling with the in-betweening. Hope to show some animation later on this week.

In designing Gobbler I was inspired by Doug Tennapel's character 'Solomon' who once made me cry laughing. Supposedly he has a bit of Spongebob as well, that's why I changed the first idea of him wearing suspenders into three big snowhite-dwarfy-like buttons on his chemise. Maybe the pipe was borrowed from popeye. Tiffany is a bit of Arnold from 'Hey, Arnold' and maybe some of the Peanuts. Hey, there is no more creation nowadays. Now it's all about sampling ;D

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