Sunday, 29 November 2009

This week I mostly animated birds.
I thought my first crazy bird character was funny but the animation was rubbish, so I made another bird animation. This time I tried myself in something more "realistic": a so-called Dimorphodon... ok, anyway, it is an extinct animal, so it's kind of fictional as well. But this was an interesting challenge because there was no footage which I could observe, no one on this planet knows exactly, how these animals moved, how their scream sounded like, what poses they would make and so on. I tried to imagine, how this animal would have moved. It is about 1 meter long, it's head is huge compared to the body size. He might have used it as a balance, while hangin around at a branch, waiting for some meal flying by. As for the flight-movement I kind of applied the movement of a flying fox to Dimorphodon, because their wings are similar. Below you can see my ideas, sketches, background drawings and a storyboard for the Dimorphodon animation. The animation is already in-betweened, but I want to make a clean-up and scan it and do a little postproduction, then I will upload it here, too.

Below are some character designs and different charts for my crazy bird flycycle animation. I was inspired by watching Pterosaur images. The designs at the very bottom are the first ideas, and the one right below is the final version of the character.

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