Saturday, 14 November 2009

Below are some sketches and the dope sheet I made for my sidewinding snake animation. It took my some time to figure that wicked movement out, but I got it at last. Unfortunately I forgot to create moviefiles of this weeks animations, so I'll post them next week.

Below are some scribbles and ideas about a short motiongraphic which ends up to turn into my logo "Hammerhead Pictures". I didn't start this animation yet, this will be some work for next week. I want to do the clownfish in Flash and draw the hammerhead on the lightbox and see how the different styles work together. I made a similar motion graphic before, about four years ago, using Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. You can see it in the beginning of my life action short film from 2006 "Das War's"

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